About Us
PeerSafe Future Fusion Research Institute

A Blockchain Fusion Innovation Leader

PeerSafe Future Fusion Research Institute is a leader in blockchain fusion innovation. Founded in 2018, PFFRI is engaged in blockchain technology and patent research. The institute deeply explores the combination of blockchain technology and traditional industries, and continues to empower the industry. PeerSafe Future Fusion Research Institute is wholly-owned by Beijing PeerSafe Technology Co., Ltd.

PeerSafe is a technology-driven company, founded in July 2014, deeply cultivating distributed network and blockchain technology, providing high-quality products and comprehensive blockchain solution services for many domestic and foreign industry customers.

Our Products
The World's First Blockchain-based Database Application Platform


PeerSafe independently developed the world's first database application platform based on blockchain technology - ChainSQL, which was awarded the Commercial Cryptographic Product Model Certificate issued by the State Cryptography Administration in 2018.

Combines the characteristics of blockchain technology and traditional distributed databases.

All operations on the data table are recorded on the blockchain in the form of logs.

Provides immutable database services that can be restored at any point in time.

Users can use blockchain technology as easily as a database.

Technical Strengths
The Number of Blockchain Patent Authorizations is Among the Top in China

Powerful R&D Team, Technology Controllable and Safe

138Software Copyrights

88Invention Patents

40Invention Patent Authorizations

Industry Recognition

PeerSafe is a national high-tech enterprise and 2021 Beijing Intellectual Property Demonstration Unit. Peersafe has been continuously selected as 2021/2020/2019 KPMG China Leading Fintech 50 Companies, Zhongguancun Gazelle Enterprise for 2020/2019, has also been selected for the 2021 Beijing Top 100 Private Enterprises and 2020 Beijing “Specialized and New” SMEs.


Tech-fusion Industry-fusion Innovation-fusion

Blockchain is a comprehensive technology cluster that integrates various technologies such as cryptography and distributed systems. It has typical characteristics of integration and innovation in technology. In the economy, blockchain also plays a role in vertical fields of various industries, including government affairs, finance, energy, medical care, etc. As the infrastructure construction of the future networked world, blockchain will have a profound impact on the way the future world operates. PeerSafe Future Fusion Research Institute, as a new force in the integration and governance management of the blockchain industry, is committed to giving traditional industries more vitality for deep integration and innovation.

PeerSafe Future Fusion Research Institute proposes future-fusion (FF) as a new concept, which means the source of innovation formed by cross-integration of technology and various industries. The FF concept has three layers, namely technology fusion, industry fusion and innovation fusion.

Our Advantages
Cooperate With Multiple Universities to Explore Blockchain Technology

An Innovative Research Institute Integrating Industry, University and Research

Relying on PeerSafe's advanced technical support and solid implementation capabilities, PeerSafe Future Fusion Research Institute has cooperated with Tsinghua University, Peking University and Renmin University of China and other universities to explore innovative applications and research of blockchain technology in multiple scenarios.

PeerSafe Future Fusion Research Institute hopes to become the domestic and international leading innovative scientific research institution integrating blockchain industry, university and research institution, through forward-looking exploration of technology, industry and innovation,thus to promote the healthy and sustainable development of China's blockchain industry, and to promote the stable and efficient growth of the blockchain industry and its related social fields.